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Alona came to us in 2019 with two discolored and broken front teeth. She sought to make her smile brighter and more uniform, so we placed six porcelain veneers on her front teeth. The results were incredible and eventually we placed four more veneers to cover the remaining back teeth so they matched the rest of her stellar smile. Now, Alona’s smile shines just as brightly as her remarkable beauty.


After finishing up treatment with SmileDirectClub in 2019, we met Missy. She recognized that although her teeth were now aesthetically aligned, her functionality remained compromised, which led to teeth grinding. She opted for Invisalign® to fix her heavy bite issues but her teeth were worn down from malocclusion (misalignment). In order to transform her smile and lengthen her teeth, Dr. Ashley repaired them with composite veneers on her front teeth and a few composite fillings on some additional teeth. All her flawless smile needs now is a red lip to match — and she loves sending Dr. Ashley her latest stunning selfies!


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